What to Expect

Hourly, as-needed, financial planning allows for advice to be customized to each person's unique circumstances. A general outline, however, is provided to illustrate the process.

1. Initial Inquiry

When you contact us, we'll provide a description of our services, philosophies, and fee structure. If you feel we can help you, you'll be asked to complete a Confidential Questionnaire. This document summarizes your current financial status and should be in our office for review prior to our initial meeting to assure that this free, no-obligation, meeting can productively identify the scope of services desired.

2. Initial Meeting

At this meeting, we'll answer your questions about our services, identify the scope of the engagement, and provide a written Service Agreement that quotes the fee or fee range based on the expected amount of time needed for completion. Our fees are determined on an hourly basis, and depend on the complexity of a specific situation. Our hourly rate is $180. In cases where a relatively immediate question or two can be addressed in a limited, interactive engagement, a one-time, two-hour meeting followed by a written summary, has proven to be helpful.In every case, our fees are fully disclosed to you in advance before you hire us.If you decide to hire us, you'll need to provide the following items so we can begin working together:

  • a signed Service Agreement;
  • a copy of your driver's license or other proof of identification; and
  • an initial deposit of $500 or one-half of our estimated fee, whichever is less.
3. Plan Development

Once we've received the required documents, we'll start developing financial recommendations in the area(s) you've requested. You may be asked to supply additional information regarding specific items, and – depending on the scope of the project – we may hold a preliminary meeting to refine assumptions, etc.When we finish developing your plan/recommendations, we'll schedule a presentation meeting.

4. Presentation Meeting

We present and fully discuss your personalized plan or recommendation summary, which in most cases includes a written summary of specific recommendations. Full payment of the remaining fee amount is due at this time.

5. Implementation and Follow Up

You follow our outline to implement your financial planning recommendations.If you have questions or need clarification about a specific recommendation, you can call or e-mail us for one month following the Presentation Meeting to receive follow-up guidance at no charge.

6. Conclusion

Once we finish your project, there are no further obligations to work together in the future. We recommend meeting regularly for financial reviews and when major life events occur (e.g., marriage, new child, etc.), but there are no requirements that you do so.